REWARD Wisconsin Stipend Program


  • If any information is missing, it will delay the stipend process.

  • You must include income verification when you submit this application.

    REWARD requires copies of the following portions of your most recent federal tax return to determine your child care income:

    1. Your 1040
    2. If child care income is reported on the following lines of your 1040, upload the schedules/forms indicated:
            • Line 7: Any W2 issued to you from your child care business
            • Line 12: Any schedule C filed for your child care business
            • Line 17: Any schedule E and K-1 filed for your child care business

    For more information on income verification, visit our website at

  • Submit application and an electronic copy of your income verification using this form. This process does require use of an email address that we can send an electronic PDF copy of the application to.

    When complete, you will be emailed a PDF copy of your application form to the email address provided for the applicant's records. This form will not include the applicant's Social Security Number or Date of Birth for security purposes, but the form submitted to WECA will include this information. 

  • Questions:

    In the Madison Area: 729-1049
    Statewide: 800-783-9322, extension 7249

    Por favor, llame al 800-783-9322, ext 7256 si tiene preguntas o desea más
    información sobre el programa de REWARD Wisconsin.

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